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Why do You Care So Much About What's in my Pants? by RomanGodMercury Why do You Care So Much About What's in my Pants? by RomanGodMercury
EDIT: Look. I'm going to say this here, because all of you seem to not be able to take a hint from the fact that I have disabled comments.
I disable comments FOR A REASON. I hate how stamp comments become like Youtube comments. I'm not a man interested in debate, I'm a man interested in making art and stamps of things that are important to himself. LET ME REPEAT THAT: I. AM. NOT. INTERESTED. IN. DEBATE. It's rather rude to attack me over notes or my own profile over my stamps, they were never created to rile you up, they were just created because I happen to enjoy making stamps. THAT IS ALL.

This applies more to nonbinary trans folk, since they get these kinds of invasive questions more often, but, even for me, as a binary trans guy, I still get this kind of crap. Cis folk are reeeeally obsessed with asking us trans folk about what's in our pants, and I think that's really problematic. I mean, you wouldn't ask a cis guy if he was circumcised or not, would you? You wouldn't ask a cis girl questions about her clit, would you? So why the hell do you suddenly care about somebody's genitalia if they happen to be trans? Why does it bother you so much to not know what gender a nonbinary was assigned? Why does it prevail to you as such a impending question to ask me or any other trans guy or trans girl whether or not if we've had sex reassignment surgery?

It's just nosy questions, and it's not your business. So stay out of it.

You can find my other stamps here:…

Used: GIMP, template by Kencho, trans flag that I painted in watercolor
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June 10, 2016
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