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Black and Trans Lives Matter Stamp by RomanGodMercury Black and Trans Lives Matter Stamp by RomanGodMercury
EDIT: Look. I'm going to say this here, because all of you seem to not be able to take a hint from the fact that I have disabled comments.
I disable comments FOR A REASON. I hate how stamp comments become like Youtube comments. I'm not a man interested in debate, I'm a man interested in making art and stamps of things that are important to himself. LET ME REPEAT THAT: I. AM. NOT. INTERESTED. IN. DEBATE. I don't make stamps for the purpose of you attacking me on my profile or through my notes, I make them because I simply enjoy to make stamps and I upload them because other people enjoy using them.

Also, folks. . .

Old stamp is old. I was only just learning to make stamps when I made this. My personal opinion? This stamp is not that great, NOT BECAUSE OF THE MESSAGE (which, I think is a VERY important one at that), but, because, it just doesn't look good. It's hard to read and not done well, primarily because of the black text over dark brown. Nowadays when I make stamps, I do a background in watercolor, and make a bit of a smarter choice with text format and font and color.

So here goes.
A lot of cis white people don't seem to understand why #blacklivesmatter  and #translivesmatter are important. A lot of them use the #alllivesmatter stuff, which, is really problematic.
First of all. . .
When people say that black and trans lives matter, that doesn't imply, "white cis lives don't matter". When people say "save the rainforest", they aren't saying, "fuck all the forests out there, we only care about rainforests", and when people say "gay people are people", that doesn't imply, "literally anyone who isn't gay is not a person". And, honestly, speaking as a white trans person, who lives in a very non-white neighborhood, I think it's really problematic that this needs to be controversial. Like, really? You're upset by people saying that black people deserve to live? That trans people deserve to live? That's just coming from your own racism and transphobia that you don't like to admit.
Yes, all lives do matter. But an organization focusing on how black people's lives matter and one on how trans people's lives matter is not an attack on other lives. All lives do matter, but when you use that as an excuse to get upset over people focusing on the struggles of marginalized groups, yet turn a blind eye to how literally the rest of society focuses on those who aren't marginalized, you really aren't getting it.
Also, guys. . .
The reason why these hashtags exist in the first place is because the most common group of people which are subject to hate crimes happen to be black trans women. Because the police keep turning their backs on the murders of black people and trans people. Because the media likes to pretend that this isn't a problem. And that's really worrisome.

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Used: GIMP, template by Kencho
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May 30, 2016
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